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Skin Colour Pale
Background Information
Book Universe The City trilogy
First Book Appearance Procession of the Dead

The Villacs are an ancient group of blind powerful priests.


Their language is unknown to all. They are the selectors of the Watana. It is reveled that they have been with mankind since the Incas. It is said that they once fell to an unknown race with powers beyond them. After this event they had agreed not to interfere with the Watana's which were yet to come. An example is "Ferdinand Dorak". The Villacs have the power to bring the Watana's imaginary people to life through a special ceremony. These imaginary people which are brought to life are know as the Ayuamarcans. They use puppets for this ceremony, after the ceremony is completed they give it to the Watana. The Villacs also have the strength to undo the creations. Whenever the Watana kills one of his Ayuamarcans, the Villacs summon a green fog which overtakes the city wiping everyones memories about the Ayuamarcan which was killed, as if the person had never existed.