Spits Abrams

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Daniel "Spits" Abrams
Profession Sailor
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance The Lake of Souls

Daniel "Spits" Abrams is a mad, cannibalistic sailor that Darren and Harkat met in "The Lake of Souls" in an alternate future. He was killed by a Dragon and then fell into the Lake of Souls, removing the protection over it.

As a child, he worked as a deckhand on the Pearly Tornado. It was this ship that Mr. Crepsley boards with Malora to Greenland. Abrams seems to have a little crush on Malora. However, he is the cause of the ship knowing Mr.Crepsley is a vampire by witnessing Malora get vials of blood for Mr. Crepsley even though he liked Malora. The ship then kills Malora as she tries to protect Mr Crepsley. Mr. Crepsley goes mad after Malora is killed and murders all the other passengers on the ship except for Abrams and a few others. Abrams was locked into a room with the other survivors by Mr. Crepsley. Before he leaves, he plans on letting the survivors go. Upon entering the room they were kept in, he discovered that Abrams had killed and eaten his coworkers. Abrams then asked to go with Mr. Crepsley saying that they were the same. He is denied his request and left on the ship by a horrified Mr. Crepsley.