Arra Sails

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Arra Sails
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Profession General
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Age 160-180
Relatives Former mate: Larten Crepsley
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance "Vampire Mountain"

Arra Sails is one of the few female Vampires, but is considered the physical equal, or better, of the males. She is said to be not so pretty nor ugly but just averagely pretty, with a hard, weathered face, but on first meeting her, Darren was so accustomed to seeing scarred male vampires that she looked 'like a movie star' to him. At the time we meet her in Vampire Mountain, it is noted that she has not been beaten on the bars in eleven years. However, in the next book, she is beaten by Kurda Smahlt during the Festival of the Undead. Though he asks to shake her hand, a gesture she only grants to those whom have earned her respect, she refuses and flees the hall, ashamed. Darren, on the other hand, earned her hard-to-earn respect at their first meeting after a fight on the bars. Though she beats him, he demands she shake his hand after the fight, and she complies, saying that he put up an admirable fight. After the battle, Mr. Crepsley commented to Darren that he was amazed Darren was stupid enough to fight her as even he would have been reluctant to challenge her. She is also Larten Crepsley's love interest and ex-mate. There is never much revealed about their relationship, but while Darren is recovering from his trial in the Hall of Flames (a trail which she prepared him for), she often comes to sit with him. Darren mentions that she spends most of the visits recalling old times and catching up with Larten and wonders if they are considering mating again. However, any time he mentions any romance between the two to his mentor, Larten abruptly changes the subject. She also accompanies Larten as well as several others to search for Darren when he goes missing. Arra Sails was fatally wounded in the battle that began the War of the Scars by the Vampaneze named Glalda Erefith and dies soon after. On her deathbed, while Larten is sat with her, she asked him to promise that the Princes would spare Darren's life. After her death, her ex-mate stayed with her body until Seba took him away.

Larten holding Arra

The enchantress Lady Evanna makes a portrait of Arra Sails on the backs of her specially bred frogs which she presents to Larten Crepsley in Hunters of the Dusk. Evanna calls this the present that would make up for the scar she gave Larten on his cheek and Larten is extremely touched by the gesture because he has not kept any mementos of Arra.

Arra was a servant for Evanna which is how she met Larten for the first time. She leaves a number of years where she later becomes a vampiress.