Liz Carr

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Liz Carr
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Background Information
First Book Appearance "An Affair of the Night"

Liz Carr was Gavner Purl's old girlfriend, revealed in the short story An Affair of the Night.


Liz was a nurse working at St. Matthew's Hospital. When she was twenty-three, she met Gavner Purl, coming into the hospital, gasping for blood. She got him it and was surprised to learn that he was going to drink it. He explains he is a vampire. She offers for him to stay with her for the night at her home. They became good friends then and Gavner often came back to her house for visits. They became on and off lovers for 26 years.

Some time before the events of "Vampire Mountain", when Liz is forty-nine years, Gavner comes back for the first time in three years. He tells her he has to leave for Vampire Mountain for the council meeting of vampires. While he sleeps, Liz decides it's best to end the relationship. She leaves him a note telling him that she loves him and the age difference between them was too much. She leaves him a pair of hideous boxers,the famous boxers that are yellow with pink elephants all over them(seen only in "Vampire Mountain") that he now wears nearly all the time.